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Research Proposal


Dr. Anita Singh


The Postcolonial Indian Feminist Stage: Investigating the Embodied Presence as Political Act


Dr. Debjani Halder


Art, Artists and Social Life: A Critical Look at Indian Parallel Cinema  (1950s’ to 1980s’)


Dr. Satendra  Kumar


Popular Democracy in North India: An Ethnographic Study of Culture, Identity and Politics among the Other Backward Classes


Dr. Bindu Sahni


Siwalik Erosion an Pastoralists Gujjar of Himachal Pradesh: A study in the light of Colonial Policies in the Region


Dr. Peter Scharf


The Structure of Verbal Cognition Translation and Analysis of Kaundabhatta’s Vaitakaranabhusanasara


Dr.  Sharmila Chhotaray


Situation Popular Theatre in varied Social Histories: A Comparative Study of Jatra in Bengal, Odisha Assam and Tripura


Dr. Ashwin Parijat


Re-enchanting Modernity: A Study of Swami Vivekananda’s American Engagement


Dr. Irina Kathova


The Doctrine of light and Symbols of Winged Spiritual Beings in Islamic Art